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"EDT's sees mobility becoming a way of life. We focus on the here and now demanded by business for productivity and their customer for responding to the products and services they offer. By doing so you enhance the customer experience and employee productivity."

The mobil solution revolution


We protect our customers’ critical assets while empowering their security operations.

Take a proactive approach to your Security Practice

Online threats seem to be an everyday occurrence. These Threat Actors are becoming more complex and sophisticated; the technology to combat these threats is becoming more complex and sophisticated. Working with our Strategic Security Solution Partners, we are keeping our partners a step ahead. EDT and our partners are collaborating daily, with innovative approaches to threat management. EDT and our partners take a proactive approach to readiness, awareness, defense, analytics, and response, with a priority focused on cyber security architecture.


Customers benefit from collaborating with current CIOs, CISOs, security analysts, IT directors and leading incident response trainers. Industry-certified professionals in real time Security Operation Centers with leading Solution Providers to detect, analyze, quarantine and eradicate threats through advanced predictive analytics based on historical, and ongoing global threats. These threats are analyzed, classified and examined to establish moving baselines to combat the threat. With help from partners like Cisco, with their Umbrella and Amp protection appliances and software, these threats are blocked before ever entering you network.

By applying a consultative and architectural approach, we help our customers develop and complete projects that establish awareness, optimize defense capabilities, improve threat response, mitigate breaches and close compliance gaps.

EDT security disciplines include infrastructure security, endpoint security, governance and operations, and identity and access management.

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