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Smarter, faster, more agile platforms, greater availability

The need to scale for storage is becoming increasingly necessary. The ability to scale at a moment’s notice is ever present in today’s organizational growth. EDT enables customers, by offering the most advanced storage technology. We will help you to determine what is the best solutions including a comparison for flash, object and backup storage.


Our partnerships allow us to leverage Innovation Lab and Integration Centers for rigorous testing solution validation. We partner with some of the most advanced labs and leverage their technology to ensure your storage solution aligns network architectures with business needs and requirements, as well as consistent service deliver-ability and visibility. EDT will monitor from a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC), hybrid solutions that leverage storage-as-a-service can provide maximum flexibility and scalability.


Let us help you evaluate your options and design a robust, future-ready, turnkey storage solution for your organization. We handle implementation and administration to limit the strain on your personnel and resources, and provide to you the confidence that comes from knowing your data strategy is aligned with industry best practices.

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