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Enjoy both—the Cloud and additional time to dedicate on other initiatives


EDT can help with the scale and efficiencies that organizations are needing in the data center. EDT offers best of breed technologies to help all types of organizations with a centrist vision to meet the growing demand for application performance, while satisfying the need to support organizations platform growth. EDT partners with world leaders in the Managed Hosting realm to give organizations the best +option, reducing stress and pressure on the ever expanding infrastructure.

With world-class connectivity, unmatched support, and stringent security and compliance standards, EDT Managed Hosting can provide the precise amount of control and support you need.

Whether Shared or customer-dedicated hosting EDT helps satisfy IT budgets of all sizes, and EDT’s team of network and security professionals expertly monitor and manage your environment.

Customers are provided with an intuitive, single pane of glass portal through which they can control and monitor their entire infrastructure and enjoy best in class security within PCI-DSS- and HIPAA/HITECH-compliant environments.

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