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The portal to a centrally managed, predictable architecture.

Technology is being stretch beyond its limits. It employees are being ask to do the impossible in many instances. In today’s business environment the stakes are high and demand to perform at peak performance, with tight budgets, and short resources are ever present with cutting-edge virtualization solutions, organizations can enjoy lower data operations costs and simplified, consolidated management of their complex IT environments.


Typical servers are limited to running one (1) operating system at a time, so it’s not uncommon to find organizations dedicating a single server to a single application. As a result, they often experience utilization metrics that are well under 20%. Through virtualization, resources that are often already in place, including compute, storage and network, can be consolidated to reduce costs.


EDT’s virtualization services are optimized for scalability and availability, and enable business continuity features through custom virtualization, cloud integration, and managed services. We specialize in data center consolidation, software-defined architectures, centralized management, and increasing resource utilization to greatly enhance performance.


EDT leverages the best in class data center solutions architects and engineers maintaining the highest certification levels that encompass the industry’s premier virtualization technologies. We apply industry best-practices and methodologies throughout the following phases: design, development, implementation and management.

Organizations can leverage and enjoy top virtualization features, like VDI, which enables anywhere-access to desktop applications.

EDT’s server virtualization solutions can run multiple operating systems with a reduced footprint and better performance. We design public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions that automate network maintenance, data backup and recovery, compliance and continuity.

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