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Implementing connectivity to branch offices, services and applications


The world of technology, in particular networking is changing at an unprecedented pace.


EDT is at the forefront with transformative technologies like (SDN) Software defined Networking and IoT (Internet of Things), these technological changes are providing the management of devices both on the network and at its edge, are evolving a drastic change to the network architecture, implementation and management of these devices.

EDT tackles this challenging, and complex environment with proven strategies to reduce time and cost, while increasing productivity.  We understand that complex networking projects require a holistic approach that incorporates enterprise needs, campus and branch structures, advanced routing and switching, software-defined fabric and optical transport technologies to ultimately unify and simplify IT investments. Our delivery model ensures that complex solutions are properly planned and deployed to meet business and technology goals.

EDT and its partners designs best-of-breed, multi-vendor solutions by utilizing cutting-edge methodologies that are validated and tested by industry leaders like Dell, HPE, IBM Labs to  cut cost and increase savings and productivity.


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