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FedRAMP Authorized

Government agencies also have the need to improve efficiency, follow government mandates and adjust to increasing data sets and workloads. The cloud is the most likely place to move some or all of their infrastructure applications. Hybrid cloud model solutions are being utilized to offer a more cost effective process, leveraging existing applications and infrastructure, while securing their technology platform.

Government Cloud is an enterprise-class hybrid cloud service utilizing VMware platforms for added security and increased capabilities that government organizations are using today. FedRAMP authorization insures added security and compliance need to meet government mandates. The service delivers a the most direct path to cloud value for government agencies by providing a common platform to leverage internal and external cloud resources. It allows government agencies to run applications onsite or in the cloud, and without compromise, by using a more supportive and integrated cloud infrastructure.

Government Cloud is available to most U.S. government and defense organizations, and operates with FedRAMP Provisional Authorization to Operate (P-ATO), which is issued by the Joint Authorization Board (JAB).

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