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Connections that matter..Yours


EDT designs and deploys networks to position our customers for the here and now and beyond.

It Professionals are challenged to deal with outdated local and wide area networks. The competitive appetite; needing to bring organizations‘ goods and services to market at an accelerated pace, is at the forefront of productivity. They are expecting to do more with less. The solutions are now mobility, IoT, software defined networks, they’re now expected to make their organizations more competitive, bring products to market faster, utilizing DevOps, virtualization, and automation to name just a few, are now the norm.

The developers of the dark web are not standing still. They are preying on organizations with the latest technologies, to destroy organizations ‘networks.

Organizations have invested time, money, and resources that cannot be secured, if steps are not taken to eliminate these risks.

EDT is on the frontline, with the latest technology partners and IT systems to prevent and reduce these attack surfaces. Shaping the future of these organizations is a daunting task, as mobility solutions, IoT, software-defined networking, DevOps, virtualization, and automation, to name a few, are now the norm. With customers’ attack surfaces expanding by the minute, new technologies have to be designed and deployed with the focus on network security. Those are just a few of the many reasons why more and more enterprises, service providers, healthcare organization and government agencies are depending on EDT for reasonable answers. 

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