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Internet of Things (IoT) Now 5 G Technology

"Accelerate business outcomes by utilizing IoT Technology"

Align IoT investments to your business

IoT is one of the most disruptive forces changing and reshaping industries and dramatically changing business process and outcomes. Automation and actionable integration of devices and sensors combined with software and analytics is creating change in virtually every industry. From large enterprises to government agencies, business want to utilize all facets of IoT for their continued growth and prosperity.

Looking at every business models intriqusises and determining THE APPROACH TO IOT

The key to a successful IoT strategy is to take a proactive and pragmatic approach. Many IoT initiatives rush to deploy technology and fail to align to the business. From onset EDT works alongside our customers through a series of consultative fact-finding sessions and workshops to find the ideal outcome the business is wanting to achieve. We then take the information and ideas and create the best IoT situation.


EDT has the unique ability to drive an idea to outcome by having the vast scope of industry and technology expertise our disposal, that spans idea generation, sensor integration, infrastructure modeling, big data analytics and application development. During this process, our clients have access to world-class infrastructure, engineers, software developers, UI/UX experts, management consultants and data scientists.

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