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Software Defined Data Center

We provide software for the informed consumer through a close collaboration with or customers to enable them with an agile process to complete successful projects.

In the rapidly changing environment of today business, technology changes so fast that Today’s technology and business environments change so fast that solutions created yesterday are obsolete today. The answer is to stay informed of ongoing and future project in order to bring the most up to date software available at the lowest cost possible. By knowing the problems and taking a proactive approach to determine the desired outcome for today’s challenges and tomorrows successes, EDT is you go to provider for future proofing the solutions necessary for businesses desired results.


EDT ensures the best results with the prescribed software by utilizing best practices. We validate the proper software solutions by weekly calls on the customer to ensure that not only the right decisions were made at the right time, the software not only meets but exceeds the customer expectations.

When we learn from our customer’s feedback, we leverage unforeseen changes to create solutions that are more improved than what we originally envisioned at the onset.


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