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Workforce Productivity

Get more work done by connecting collabortively with eachother.


Creating a better working environment is the goal of every organization. By doing so you create a more productivity and happy employees.

The traditional office has changed from sitting behind a desk, to collaborating with employees near and far. From home offices to corporate conference rooms, utilizing a number of different devices to accomplish this seamless communication objectives. Connecting these employees is not only challenging but requires a consorted effort and investment.

The tools and supporting software is a complicated endeavor. There are numerous applications to support these challenges. Employee expectation have changed and organizations need to change along with them. There is a greater demand placed on IT Departments to create these needed changes with existing infrastructure and new appliances and hardware that need to be added to complement the network. Supporting the mobility movement with connectivity and access of the many different devices and workflows.

EDT’s works alongside organizations to develop an environment with proven cost-effective strategies that support employee’s productivity anywhere anytime on any device. We offer time saving, cost cutting, collaboration network infrastructure solutions to benefit the workplace. The seamless approach to communications, and the ensuing data, is the desired outcome that we support with several secure platforms.

We work directly with our Solutions Architects and our client’s strategic partners, to develop and maintain the ideal solution for your organizations policies and processes.

We can help you expand the workplace experience — whether it be offering video-enabled conference rooms or anytime, anywhere secure access to organizations apps and data — to increase the contentment and productivity of your personnel.

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