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Flexible IT purchasing options that accelerate business outcomes

We offer flexible and competitive financing services, giving you the power to create value for your organization. EDT Financial Services was formed in partnership with AMPIL to support technology and IT services financing needs to accelerate time to market for our customers.

Our financial services provide flexibility beyond that of competitors and by offering manufacturer agnostic financing and support for service-heavy projects at competitive rates. We offer a variety of customizable financing options designed to meet your unique IT purchasing needs.

Make rental payments for a fixed lease term with the option to renew or return at the end of the lease with an operating lease structure. Get 100% financing with the option to acquire the technology at the end of the lease with a finance lease. We also provide tailored payment options like deferred, skips and step leases.

  • Manage Cash Flow

  • Match the timing of payments with the benefits the technology provides

  • Total Solution Financing

  • Finance your entire solution, including hardware, software, services, and support

  • Conserve Capital

  • Spare capital expense for other strategic investments

  • Increase Purchasing Power

  • Achieve the optimal technology solution within budgetary constraints

  • Avoid Technological Obsolescence

  • Gain complete flexibility to refresh new technology per future business needs

  • Improved Financial Metrics

  • Potential tax and accounting benefits

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