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"EDT can help you determine the right investments in analytics, so you can scale and extract the right data seamlessly."

Big data equals business value


Big data is evolving and effecting decisions made by enterprises every day. Business’s today are warehousing data about products, services, customer base, and systems than ever before. The need for more comprehensive approach to data is vastly more important than ever before.


EDT can help you make the best choice in investments in analytics, so you can extract just the information you need. We’ll start with a work case study to identify use cases that offer business value. Then, leveraging next-generation technology, we’ll perform a proof of concept by augmenting data warehousing with SAP Hannah and Hadoop-based infrastructures.


A strategic based planning phase is essential to future-proof the data center and all facets of your networks infrastructure. Our experts will build a big data platform, architecture and analytics that consideration how layers speak to each other, as well as appropriate configurations.


This process ensures data is transferred accurately from its source throughout all parts of your system.

Following a proof of concept, our customers roll out with live data that is processed and analyzed to provide meaningful value. From there, we can provide training and workflows that help scale your big data platform across all parts and platforms of your organization.

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