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"In our partner's Innovation Technology Center, customers can compare different cloud automation platforms using their actual workloads."

Applications are the center of your cloud journey

Transformation is the new “buzz word”, for Enterprise Technology. Technology evolution is now the core enablement for business as we see it today. Business is requiring more agility, with core critical applications more on demand and security and flexibility are needed more than ever to keep up with the demand. The strategic roll that technology plays in the business environment is crucial to any business’s success. The Cloud Platform is the way for businesses to approach many of the current and upcoming challenges.

EDT has taken a software defined approach to accomplish our customers objective when it comes to their Cloud Practice. Having the right architecture in place to build or migrate to the cloud is essential to achieving these and other cloud initiatives. We start with a discovery conference to learn more about the business model that the current company has in place. We then design the infrastructure to accommodate current and future needs, taking careful consideration on process, budget and most importantly business out comes that will increase revenue and profits, as well as lower TOC.

EDT’s business process approach, leveraging our expertise with many hybrid cloud solution providers ensures the business results that you are looking to achieve.


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