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Cloud systems and design to impact your business model.


Cloud is the new buzz word in technology, but how do you differentiate benefits from costs?


Hybrid Cloud technology is one of several solutions that could differentiates your organization from the competition.

The Hybrid Cloud distributes current and strategically planned resources across public and private clouds to give you the cost cutting results needed in today’s completive business environment.

Having the right strategy in place is paramount in staying on the cutting edge of business needs.

Migrating to the cloud takes a specific plan to keep up with current and future needs.

EDT is poised to offer the best in class technological strategies to migrate over to the cloud efficiently, with predictive outcomes. We will design your cloud needs by evaluating your current situations and implement strategies to address automation, abstraction, convergence, efficiency, and application modernization, to improve the design and cut cost to beneficially impact your bottom line.

 Ultimately, Hybrid Cloud is not about products or technologies. Its success depends on having the right strategy and migration plan in place to ultimately capture value through efficiencies and cost-savings.

EDT makes it possible to optimize your cloud deployment with step by step analysis and consultation to assure your organization the best value added outcome.

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