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It’s important to concentrate on your Departments largest


Let EDT help with the rising cost of software.. More importantly having a roadmap to determine the best strategy to create the best cost effective outcome for your organizational needs is top priority. Turning to EDT’s Advisory & Cnsutancy practice will assure you software purchases the will need current and future demands, and accommodate corporate governance, keeping network security at the forefront.

Focal Point

EDT keeps the end in mind when it comes to determining the best path for success for your organization, when it comes to software procurement. EDT works from the bottom up to determine the 4 W’s including how much. We look at your current processes, internal and external controls, policies and governance, system development lifecycles and software devops and compliance. EDT consultants will develop a questionnaire to determine more granular tactical data, including the client’s software procurement processes and procedures, including all business units requests and requirements.

The roadmap the customer now follows

EDT consultants prioritizes and delivers a comprehensive approach to analyzing your current processes, methodologies, and procedures, keeping in mind ways to increase productivity and reducing time to market.

  • How to identify risks—and how to mitigate them—while ensuring business units’ issues and concerns will be addressed. For instance, if a 3rd party will be utilized, how will they mitigate risk while adhering to the client’s policies and processes, governance between business units, and government-related mandates and associated reporting requirements.

  • Conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis.

  • Prioritize elements within the software procurement and deployment processes.

  • Identify Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and incorporate them into the deployment process and create related technical documentation.

EDT utilizes software procurement and a rationalized roadmap, all designed to complete the best process for software expenditures, and delivering on the goals intended.

GDT Advisory & Consulting practice

Utilize the best in business partners and professionals the industry has to offer. We help both small and large organizations with their strategic planning, operational reviews, IT assessments, disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Call us Now for to discuss your unique needs. 1-(469)468-9712

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