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Connecting to the edge and IoT is essential to today’s IT environment.


5 G is the new speed of technology. Whether mobility, wireless the next generation of technology is necessary to enable IoT, AI and Machine Learning.


The need is there for greater speed to download the devices (up to 10 Gpps) and reduce latency.                  In the medical world, this could be the difference between life and death.


EDT is at the forefront of the latest technology to leverage next generation IoT solutions that enable productivity and visibility across organizations.

Where there is a disconnect, EDT can help with the devices, sensors, networks and software to engage business and organizational process to delivery best in breed outcomes.


EDT’s 5G / IoT professionals help customers with:

  • Flexible and adaptive management of high device capacity, variety and location

  • Increased IoT results not subject to platform restrictions as new devices are introduced

  • Adaptive solutions without the need to revamp the core IoT platform each time a change is needed or technology alters.

  • Better managed outcomes, improved benefits and enhanced operations through beneficial overview.


Analytical evaluation moving you into the future.


EDT’s IoT platform streamlines and incorporates data analytics that can infuse value, organize data and save time. This includes analytics developed into the IoT platform and utilizes specialized, third-party analytics software via secure API and services.

EDT supplies real-time streaming analytics, including smart stream capture, which makes it simpler for customers to carry-out active event monitoring, alerting, and event-driven feedback competencies.


EDT’s IoT professionals increase security to a Mobile POS solution.

If you are concerned about Office 365 migration, our IoT and Cloud Experts can solve the issue.

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