Convergence and consolidation for lower costs and and ultimate performance

Are you wanting to maximize your computing capabilities and maximize business needs, while affording a measurable return on your technology investment? EDT offers strategies, the right future proof strategies, that eliminates the need for IT, that no longer meet the company's objectives or goals.This could results in low utilization and, ultimately, wasted expense.  You don't know what you don't know, right? EDT takes the guess work out of designing and implementing infrastructures and unified data strategies.

 EDT provides a unique opportunity for companies, businesses, facilities, and agencies alike to take advantage of the best architect of data centers who's line of expertise center around networking, storage, virtualization and business connectivity.

EDT's customer service synergistic and pro-active approach averts many of the common and expensive data center facility designs, which result in bad outcomes and customer complaints.

Business is faced with an ever growing problem; IT investment and Total Cost if Ownership, while providing a measurable return on investment.

EDT realizes that the rubber meets the road when our customer receive solutions tailored to the specific needs to acquire their business outcomes. We have partnered with leaders in integrated storage, compute, virtualization, backup recovery, cloud and hybrid cloud. Solutions Providers such as; SAP, APC, NetApp, (HPE). IBM and others to provide world class multi vendor data center results.

Learn how we design modern data center solutions

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