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Keep your network and your data secure

It’s extremely importation to be proactive in response to the outward attacks by global cyber criminals, resulting in losses totaling over $5 trillion annually. It is imperative that we not only detect threats and prevent intrusions, we need to reduce the ability for these threats to occur.

EDT’s threat deterrence system is a converged security environment that utilizes several strategies’ for any possibility of intrusion. From awareness, readiness, defense, and threat response, as well as analytics and reporting protocols.

Working along side our partners, we provide an environment that demonstrates the capabilities of sensor data, threat analysis, real time feeds, and network access tools in a multi-vendor environment to assist our customers with proven security solutions.

We partner with industry leaders, offering high tech security solution, defending against threats by detecting abnormalities with analytics and mitigation processes. All the systems comply with specific industry standards, such as, for example, HIPPA, PCI and NIST.

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