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"By mapping and specializing reference architectures to a customer’s specific environment, we can determine the foundation necessary to produce the desired business outcomes."

Building architectures that deliver agility

Business needs agility to stay competitive. This where the next generation Data Center comes in. The need for business agility is shaping the Next-generation data center. Services and efficiency coupled with Automation Orchestration is necessary to keep up with the growing demand of business today. Business is demanding greater out comes and more efficiency to offset the cost of doing business and increase revenue and profits.

EDT’s compute solution practice is directed at the creation and integration of best of breed abstracted and automation reference architectures. By mapping and customizing these reference architectures to a customer’s infrastructure, we can establish the foundation necessary to extract specific required outcomes for the upstream application need.

Realizing outcomes from a next-generation data center requires the ability to solve challenges ranging from core intelligent power and cooling needs, abstracting from physical components using software-defined storage and software-defined infrastructure, and extensively automating both provisioning and lifecycle of workloads running within the environment. Most importantly, delivery models are shifting even at the infrastructure layer with solutions aimed at Storage-as-a-Service or Compute-as-a-Service.

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